psdnumber 60 by stipslerie

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This is a action of sharpness, but is soft. Doesn’t come with the effect included, but you can download it here. Please, if you use/download like or reblog this post.

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+ LIVE PREVIEW (code is in the preview)
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  • 150 x 150 px sidebar image
  • 3 default links and 3 custom links
  • 400 px posts
  • tags only appear in the permalink page
  • the “ask” link doesn’t redirect you to /ask. instead, it links you to another page with the ask box in it. please don’t forget to put your url in the “blogurl” box. :)
this is my first theme after being on hiatus for months. my old themes are still available and you can find them on my blog. enjoy!

Anonymous said:
Amor, pode me ajudar? Eu resolvi não deletar mais meu tumblr de icons. Mas eu preciso de pessoas de confiança para modera-lo. Então, a moderação está aberta. Agradeceria muito se você divulgasse, obrigada! <3 /lds-ic0ns

Claro, c:

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so i recently earned five thousand followers which is so amazing so thank you all for that! as a thank you present i normally post a psd, but since 5k is a really huge milestone, i thought i’d post a psd pack featuring what you see above and a couple more. though each psd is made for a certain show, they will work on other things as well. like or reblog if you download! download here
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Font pack #1. Since today I reach 300 followers, I wanted to thank you all with this 8-fonts pack inspired by 8 of my favourite tv shows.

allura | hacked | pink vapor | pappo’s blues band | code bold | 3 grammes 5 | bebas | colors of autum

or you can just download the all here


amount: 21 | size: 100x100px | please, like this post if you save any and don’t repost or claim them as your own, thanks c:

p r e v i e w:

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psd number one hundred and eighty three download

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Colors palette number 002 by grungecolors. Like or reblog if you use. Remember to never claim or redistribute as your own. You can request resource here and see more here. I hope you enjoy!

hiiii so someone requested a harry potter psd so here it is! play with the layers a little bit and it should work on every scene. please don’t steal, redistribute or claim as your own, i’ll know and i’ll hunt you down. please like or reblog, if there’s more downloads than notes i’m deleting this. thank you and enjoy :)